Electrostatic Paint System

We at Landmark Manufacturing would like to introduce you to the benefits of the Electrostatic Paint System that we now offer.   Being an ISO 9001:2015 Company that has been in the Metal Stamping and Welding Industry since 1953, Landmark can now coat your product after fabrication or you can send it to us for E-Coat only.  We can even do extra operations such as Assembly and Labeling.

Electro Coating (E-Coat) is a technology used worldwide to achieve high quality, low cost finishes at a level of efficiency and environmental compliance no other finishing method approaches.  Salt spray test typically reach 800 – 1000 hours.


E-Coat is one of the most cost effective finishes available on the market today.  Most materials that conduct electricity can be E-Coated.  E-Coat can be used as a Primer  (Approved for Government Applications), or as a stand-alone coating in certain situations.

E-Coat is a dip process that will cover even the most difficult to reach areas of complex parts and also give superior edge coverage.

E-Coat paint coverage is controlled by voltage adjustment.  No other paint can compare to the 0.1 – 0.2 Mil Thickness variance of E-Coat over the entire part.  Spray systems may have film thickness variances from 0.5 – 2.0 Mils.

Approximately 98% of automobiles produced worldwide are now primed with   E-Coat because of the Benchmark corrosion protection it offers.


Alkali Cleaner


Immersion Cleaner Tank


Soft Water Rinse


Immersion Conditioner


Immersion Zinc Phosphate


3 Spray Rinse


Spray Sealer


Immersion DI Water Rinse


Halo Rinse


Cathodic E – Coat Tank


De-ionized Water Spray


Finish DI Immersion


Gas Oven     400-450 Degree


Our E-Coat line is 417′ long and covers a total of 18,000 sq. ft. The part envelope is 48″W x 55″H x 96″